Softphone Plugin

SoftPhone Plugin - Internet Explorer Band/Toolbar.
Every now and then I’d like to explore new technologies and this is one of those experiments I’ve created some time ago: An Internet Explorer band/toolbar plugin. This DLL ‘plugs’ itself into Internet Explorer shows up every time you open your browser. I’ve created this project to integrate a SoftPhone application into Explorer, so a user can easily control his (soft)phone while browsing for the Internet/Intranet.
This projects is based on an excellent article in MSJ Magazine by Paul DiLascia. Although his framework for creating Explorer bands is pretty complete, there still was quite some work to do before I had this plugin working the way it is now.
Originally this project included a complete TAPI implementation to control a TAPI based softphone, but I’ve remove that code for copyright reasons.

If you want to try this DLL you’ll have to register the program so that is recognized by Explorer:
regsvr32 softphone.dll

and to remove the plugin from Explorer:
regsvr32 -u softphone.dll

Download zipped executable

Download source code
This class is part of the Pablo Software Solutions MFC Extension Package - Controls Edition


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