Softphone - How to create a cool user interface.
Unlike most of my other projects, this isn’t a fully functional application. It is just an example of how to create a cool user interface. This project is a cut down version of a complete TAPI softphone I’ve developed for my employer. I’ve removed all the TAPI related code..
Maybe this example helps you created your own cool application!

The projects has 3 interesting classes:

This class is derived from CDialog and handles the painting of the background. It has only one public member function:

BOOL LoadBackgroundImage(UINT nBitmapID, int nBorderLeft, int nBorderTop, int nBorderRight, int nBorderBottom)

This function loads the background image and resizes it to fit in the dialog.

This class takes care of drawing the buttons and the display. See CImageButton in the Controls section of this site for more details.

The orginal version of this application uses three LEDs to show the status of the PABX’s queues.
The LEDs can have 3 colors: Red, Green and Gray(= Off). You can change the color by calling:
void SetLedColor(int nLedColor)

where nLedColor is one of the following values: CLed::LED_COLOR_RED, CLed::LED_COLOR_GREEN or CLed::LED_COLOR_OFF.

You can also let the LED blink:
void SetBlinking(BOOL bOn);

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This class is part of the Pablo Software Solutions MFC Extension Package - Controls Edition

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