CStarWarsCtrl - Star Wars Credits Control
This is an attempt to create a control that looks like the credits of the Star Wars movies.
Only a few simple GDI functions are used to establish this effect: Ellipse() for the stars in the background and StretchBlt() for scrolling text.
The control is devired from CStatic.

To use the class in your application you need to do the following:

1. Insert the .h and .cpp files into your project.
2. Add a static control into your dialog resource.
3. Add a member variable for that static control.
4. Modify the variable declaration.

Change this:

CStatic m_StarWarsCtrl;

To this:

CStarWarsCtrl m_StarWarsCtrl;

5. In your InitDialog message handler set the speed and add some text. Use these member functions:

m_StarWarsCtrl.AddTextLine("A long time ago");
m_StarWarsCtrl.AddTextLine("in a galaxy far far away");
m_StarWarsCtrl.AddTextLine("this application was programmed by");
m_StarWarsCtrl.AddTextLine("Pablo van der Meer");

Download example executable

Download source code
This class is part of the Pablo Software Solutions MFC Extension Package - Controls Edition

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