Dialog Editor Prototype

Dialog Editor Prototype Version 1.0
For a large project we needed a utility that made it possible to edit the user interface of an application without loading it into the Visual Studio Framework. This way our customer could edit the layout of the controls, without having to know what’s behind it.
This is the prototype of this utility and is not much more than a standard MDI application with editable formviews.

The source code implements the following features:

- Dynamically insert controls at runtime.
- Edit some basic properties of the controls (like its caption).
- Move controls anywhere on the formview.
- Multiple selection of controls via CRectTracker.
- Align functionality just like in Visual Studio.
- Set tab order just like in Visual Studio.
- Copy/Cut/Paste and Delete Controls.
- Test dialog option (preview).
- Configurable grid.

Download zipped executable

Download source code
This class is part of the Pablo Software Solutions MFC Extension Package - Controls Edition

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