This control simulates a VU Meter that can be found on many audio systems.
It's basically an advanced progressbar with gradient colors and a simple 'peakhold'.
Just like a progressbar you set the range, smooth/segmented and displays information vertically(top to bottom) or horizontally(left to right).

The following members can be used to change the behaviour of the control:

void SetRange(int nMin, int nMax)
Set the upper and lower limits of the VUMeter

void SetValue(int nValue)
Set VUMeter's current value

void SetColors(COLORREF clrStart, COLORREF clrEnd)
Set VUMeter's start and end colors

void SetVertical(BOOL bVertical)
Displays control vertically (instead ofhorizontally)

void SetSmooth(BOOL bSmooth)
Fills the progress information smoothly, rather than using a segmented fill.

See also: Peak Level Meter for a more complete example.

Download example executable

Download source code
This class is part of the Pablo Software Solutions MFC Extension Package - Controls Edition

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