Pablo Commander

Pablo Commander Version 1.4

For years my favourite file manager was Norton Commander. It was fast and easy to use and could do almost anything.
Unfortunately they never continued their development to catch up with the latest technologies like shell integration and a modern look and feel.
This application is a mixture between Norton Commander and Windows Explorer.
I've tried using as much of the standard Windows Shell functionality as possible (so I didn't have to duplicate it myself).

Key features:
- Most features of the original Norton Commander like copy, move, delete and dual pane views.
- Look and feel of Windows Explorer.
- Full drag and drop support.
- Customizable toolbar.
- Multi threaded file management by using shell API for most operations.
- Changes to file and folders from another programs will be immediately reflected in the views of Pablo Commander.
- Context menus just like Explorer.
- Compare the contents of two folders.
- Integrated FTP client (including FTP to FTP), view/open files and folder just like your local files/folders.
- Intelligent addressbar to select folders, execute programs, connect to ftp sites and almost every other Windows Shell action.

Revision history:
May 18, 2003
- Initial revision.
May 27, 2004
- Fixed: FTP folder setting didn't work.
- Fixed: If already connect to a FTP site, a second attempt would crash the application.
April 30, 2005
- Copyrights updated.

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Also available:
Spanish version by Guillermo NÚstor Dranka

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