CFileSystemWatcher - Watch a folder for file changes.
The .NET framework has a very cool object called FileSystemWatcher that listens to the file system change notifications
and raises events when a directory, or file in a directory, changes.
Although Windows has an API ReadDirectoryChangesW which does the same thing this function is not available in all versions of Windows (only 2000/XP).
This class monitors a directory for changes using an API call available on all Windows versions: FindFirstChangeNotification.
Internally it keeps a list of all files in that directory and compares the properties of these files when a change notifcation occurs.
A message is sent to the owner of the CFileSystemWatcher class when something has changed:

WM_FILE_CREATED - A file has been created
(WPARAM: filename)

WM_FILE_CHANGED - A file has been changed
(WPARAM: filename, LPARAM: 0=creation time changed, 1=last access time changed, 2=modified time changed, 3=size changed)

WM_FILE_DELETED - A file has been deleted
(WPARAM: filename)

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