CSystemTray - Add a tray icon to your application
This application implements a very simple system tray class.
It shows an icon on the system tray and shows a popup menu when you right-click this icon.
Minimizing the application hides the main window and removes the task button from the taskbar.
Double clicking the tray icon brings the main window back to the foreground.

Using CSystemTray
Add CSystemTray.cpp and CSystemTray.h to your project.

Include CSystemTray.h in the header of your application class and add a CSystemTray variable to it:

#include CSystemTray.h

class CMyApp : public CWinApp
  CSystemTray m_SystemTray;

In CMyApp::InitInstance() create the tray icon:

BOOL CTrayDemoApp::InitInstance()

 // Create the system tray icon
 if (!m_SystemTray.Create(WM_ICON_NOTIFY,
   "CSystemTray Example",
  return FALSE;


And finally be sure you to add a popup menu in your resources. That's all...

Download demo executable

Download source code
This class is part of the Pablo Software Solutions MFC Extension Package - Classes Edition

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